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All-Natural Mattress

Poco mattresses have layers of specially combined materials, selected to provide a comfortable, breathable nights sleep for your dog. Innovative eco materials Petlok and Coir are combined with traditional Wool and Cotton to create 2 mattresses specifically designed to replicate the comfort of human mattresses on a pet sized scale.

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Select Your Own Cover

Poco beds are built to last, but we know that fashions change. With a wide range of removable mattress covers, it’s easy to give your Poco bed a face lift. Whether you like to change styles or would simply like to have a spare cover while one is in the wash, the removable covers give you the flexibility to keep your dog bed clean and stylish.


Easy to Clean

Dogs get muddy and inevitably bring dirt into their beds. Each Poco bed is easy to care for. All Poco bed frames are stain resistant and wipe clean. Each mattress cover is machine washable and the mattresses themselves are waterproof and wipe clean. Every element has been specially designed to help you keep your bed looking fresh and paw print free.

Bespoke Requests

Bespoke Designs Available

If you have looked at our current range and don’t quite see what you are looking for, please get in touch. Working from our manufacturing space in Glasgow, we have the capabilities to design, manufacture and ship bespoke creations. If you have a specific style, shape, size or colour in mind, please get in touch. We would be happy to discuss your requirements further.

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