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About Poco Dog Beds

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About Poco Dog Beds

Poco dog beds started as a passion project for staff members at our sister company Elite Bedding. Building multi-layer mattresses every day, a debate began about why dogs are given thin foam sheets when they love our beds and sofas so much. With Elite’s owner having a dog themselves, the team were supported to begin designing and building the perfect dog mattress. The group’s dogs loved their creation so much, the fun, side project became a fully realised product they couldn’t help but share. Poco Dog Beds was created and the rest is history.

Poco are partnered with leading UK university, The Universty of Strathclyde’s department of Design Manufacturing and Engineering Management. A great deal of time and consideration was taken to produce the final product range you see today, all designed and built in Scotland.

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Chasing Birds

Things that rustle

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Product Designer

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The hoover

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Mattress Maker



Long walks

Bath time

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Managing Director

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Having to sit to get a biscuit

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Frame Builder

About Poco’s Values

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Businesses are managed by people and the people at Poco care. We care about our customers and the experience they have when shopping with us. We care about the quality and finish of every product we make. And most importantly, we care about dogs, their comfort and happiness.

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From the design of our products, the materials we use and manufacturing processes we follow, we are open about everything we do. Poco believes all businesses should work this way, allowing customers to connect with companies who share their value and beliefs. Follow our blog and social media to learn more about Poco dog beds.

Poco Material Swatches


Poco dog beds and accrsories are built to last. Scratch, dig and tear resistant materials combine with wooden frames to create long lasting dog beds. Working with Elite Bedding who have been manufacturing beds and mattresses for over 65 years, we know which materials and processes make beautiful, comfortable, long lasting beds.

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We look to the future. Poco has built the first all-natural, multi-layer pet mattress. We have sourced a range of natural, vegan, biodegradable materials that feel amazing, while reducing the amount of virgin materials we use. We want to help make the world a cleaner, healthier place for us all to live. This is why we also provide a buy back scheme for your used Poco dog beds. Click here to learn more  about the Poco dog bed buy back scheme. 

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