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Bring a Splash of Style to Your Interior with these 5 Dog Beds


Despite the love we have for our pets, it is common to find cheap, thin, cushioned dog beds sitting in the corner of living rooms across the country, gathering dust and looking depressing.

Our pets are an important part of our lives and rightly so. We are happy to buy them treats, clothes and accessories, but often we don’t give much thought to where they sleep. We buy ourselves luxurious, comfortable beds that match our colour and design scheme, so we should also do this for our pets.

Poco have 5 unique, designer dog beds, each created with a specific style in mind. From minimalist floating beds to bold and striking mid-century modern designs, there is no reason that you can’t elevate your style and your dog’s comfort.


The Canna dog bed by Poco is designed to suit the modern, Danish, Scandinavian style sweeping the country.

From the best designers to budget homeware stores, the modern, minimalist, Scandi look is everywhere. This style is identified by clean angular forms, muted cool colours and combinations of quietly luxurious materials.

The Canna bed by Poco encapsulates these identifying features through its exposed pine legs and off set with the angles of the arms and back. Pair this with the muted tones of the upholstery and accompanying cushion cover and a modern take on the Scandi style is effortlessly created.

Our Favourite Detail: The opposing angular sides and feet.

Canna dog bed foot



The Harris dog bed by Poco is inspired by Farmhouse design with a 21st century modern take. Gone, are the varnished oak and pink striped cushions. The charming curves of this design combined with traditional rich leather and light heather toned cushion creates a modern Scottish farmhouse feel.

Our Favourite Detail: The mini sofa style of the bed. 

Harris Dog Bed


The Bute dog bed by Poco is designed to replicate a bold, mid century modern design, raising in popularity through its avid use in film and TV. This style thrives on the timelessness of monochromatic, robust, durable colours and materials.

The Bute bed by Poco demonstrates timeless 1950s design. With confident high walls with a textured box pattern and eye-catching chrome feet, an authoritative, rugged design is made.

Our Favourite Detail: The amazing cubic detail on the sides of the bed. 

Bute Side Detail


The Barra dog bed by Poco is a take on the timeless comfort associated with roll top tub chairs and Chesterfields. Seen in the best hotels, these statement chairs combine rich colours, plush padding, and dramatic curved arms to create beautiful pieces, and the perfect place to snuggle up.

The Barra bed by Poco replicates all these features through the raised back, high walls, plush upholstery and choice of rich green fabric. A timeless piece that creates the perfect patch for your pet to cuddle up through the night.

Our Favourite Detail: The rich colours! 

Barra mattress cover material


The Skye dog bed by Poco takes a serene, minimalist approach in its design. The key to successful minimalist style is in the attention to detail. Through less intricate designs, comes a need for perfection as the eye is moved to focus on the details such as stitching and textures.

The Skye bed by Poco is designed to suit a minimalist life. This floating bed base in cool blue upholstery tones is a simple yet sophisticated perch for your pet that has a quiet confidence in its presence.

Our Favourite Detail: The mattress sinks in perfectly, creating a minimalist style.


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