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Buy Back Scheme

Reusable materials shouldn’t go to waste. That’s why Poco offers a buy back option for when you are finished with your Poco dog bed. Our easy to follow process means that you could get a Poco voucher worth up to 25% of your bed’s original value simply by taking some photographs of your old Poco dog bed. You get a voucher to use on new Poco products and we get back materials to reuse and dispose of in a responsible manner. It’s a win win win situation. Good for you, good for us and great for the plant.
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1. Photograph

Take photos of your Poco dog bed from every angle so that we can assess any damage.
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2. Get in Touch

Send your photos to our team so they can take a look.
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3. Evaluation

A member of the team will review your photos, usually within 48 hours.
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4. Quote

You will be sent an offer based on the value remaining in your bed. You can choose to accept or keep your bed.

5. Collection

If you accept, we will collect your bed and send you a voucher following inspection of the bed.
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6. Shop

You can then use the voucher to buy a new bed, collar or gift for you or a friend on the Poco store.

What happens to the pre-loved beds?

Each bed is assessed for damage. If a bed still has life in it we will donate it to dog charities across the UK. If it is not suitable for use it will be disassembled. Upholstery materials are cleaned, shredded and remanufactured into fillings, foam is turned into energy from waste (where possible) and timber frames are remanufactured into new dog beds.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have. A member of our team will be happy to talk to you either via phone or email.

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