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How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks


Fireworks night can be stressful for our pets! We have research the top tips from vets and dog shelters on how to help keep our pets calm through the festive period.

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Plan Your Walks – Fireworks are normally let our at night. Therefore, try to plan your walks and exercise for during the day. When out and about, your dog will be less likely to get startled.

Reduce External Noise – When you’re in for the night, close the blinds and windows and pop on some background music. This will help reduce the impact of external noises within the house.

Be Patient – Don’t punish your pets for being scared. This will make them more stressed and could add to their anxiety. Fireworks aren’t the time for the tough love approach.

Go With Their Behavior – If your dog comes to you for comfort, that’s fine. On the other hand, if they feel safer under a table, or in the quiet space, leave them be. They will let you know if they want your protection.

Have Toys at Hand – Get together some of their favourite things, ready for firework time. If they’re up for it, play with them to add to the distraction from the noise.

Don’t Show Your Interest – If your pets see that you are unaffected, they will feel reassured. Don’t change your behavior if possible.

Secure Your Garden – If your dog becomes scared, they may run, or panic if there is an unexpected noise. Make sure your gates are securely closed.

Consult Your Vet – If your dog is known for becoming anxious, or has had bad experience with pervious fireworks displays, consult your vet ahead of time. This handy find your vet tool will help you find a convenient vet for you to visit.

These top tips were gathered from reputable dog charities and veterinary surgeons. The RSPCA and Battersea have great information if you are looking for further guidance.


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