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Poco began as a passion project for the staff at Elite Bedding in Glasgow. With our pets jumping up on our sofas and beds at every given chance, we thought, why not give them human quality comfort on a pet sized scale. Our pet’s deserve the best!

Therefore, our mattresses have been tested, jumped on, licked by and most importantly modelled by many of the Poco and Elite family dogs. Take a look at these behind-the-scenes shots and meet some of the furry friends you have seen on our site and social media.


Bear – Head of Mut Mattresses

Despite what his names might suggest, bear is a big softy who will do anything for a biscuit or a tickle behind the ear. Only 2 years old, he is a barrel of energy. Bear’s best friend if Robert, our mattress maker. Robert has worked at Elite for over 20 years building mattresses using the finest materials and springs, perfecting his skills. You’d struggle to find someone with better knowledge of mattresses than Robert. Bear loved the mattress he tested so much, that he now sleeps on his own, bespoke mattress.

bear polaroids from behind the scenes



Molly – Head of Puplick Relations

Molly is the youngest of the bunch at only 1 and a half. A poser who loves to be worshiped by everyone in the park, Molly will roll over to show you her tummy in the hopes of some tickles. Molly’s best friend is Juliette, our product designer. Responsible for the design of the beds, collars and accessories she is also in charge of our orders, writing the thank you notes in every parcel we send.

Molly behind the scenes pics

Bailey – Chief Happiness Officer

Bailey is the happiest dog you will ever meet, but warning, you don’t want to be on the sharp end of his always wagging tail. Bailey’s best pal is Gordon, our frame maker. Gordon is the longest serving member of staff, working at Elite for over 40 years, now working with Poco. Making sturdy, reliable bed frame for decades, he knows the woodwork room like the back of his hand.

Cedrick – Pawject Manager

Cedrick is the wise old man of Poco and definitely the best behaved! He is happy to walk around production and see what is going on without supervision. Cedrick is Betsy, our director’s dog. The most loved dog in town, Cedrick is chief collar and lead tester, modelling Poco goods around the park to all his furry friends.



Want your dog to feature as a model? Tag us in any of your photos using the hashtag #PocoDogBeds! We will ask before sharing any of your photos. 





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