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Our motto is Made Better.
This encompasses all of our bed frames, designed to look, feel and perform better than any other dog bed you have used before.

Two Dogs Running


Inspiration comes in many forms. At Poco inspiration comes from our animals. Each Poco pet has their own personality, just like their owners. We built on our differences to develop 5 unique designs, each with a distinctive style. This allows you to select the model that suits your dog’s personality while complimenting your interior style.

bed frame


At the centre of each Poco bed is a wooden frame. We chose to build upon a wooden frame to ensure each bed lasts a long time. Most importantly a strong wooden frame ensures the beds can withstand the nonsense that dogs get up to. 

However, rest assured that all of the wooden frames are padded with upholstery foams. This softens the sides so they are comfortable for your pet to rest their head against.



Because each Poco bed is handmade by a team of experienced craftsmen, we have been able to create complex designs that cannot be replicated by machines. At least four people are responsible for building each Poco dog bed. Therefore, there are several sets of critical and experienced eyes inspecting every stitch, join and corner we make. Mass produced is poorly produced.

Cutting Fabric


While each Poco bed is stylish, there is no denying that dog beds must be highly practical products. Therefore, we spent considerable time exploring the best, innovative materials possible. Each of Poco’s beautiful materials have been selected due to their high scratch and tear resistance, waterproofing and easy to clean properties. For more details about the tests and specifications our materials go through, see our materials page.

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