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The British weather means damp, dirty dogs often sneak their way into bed. And unfortunately even the best behaved dogs can sometimes dig the stuffing out their beds and toys.

Therefore, each Poco bed uses a combination of specially engineered materials.

Hygienic, durable and stylish.

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Dogs love mud, however our homes don’t. Therefore, we make Poco dog beds with special, easy to clean materials. 

  • Bed Frames – Each frame is upholstered in wipe clean, stain repellent materials with unique antibacterial coatings. These are specifically built to prevent the build-up of harmful germs. 
  • Mattresses –  Just like your own mattress, the Poco pet mattresses cannot be machine washed. Every Poco mattress is covered in an easy to clean, waterproof material. This is easy to wipe clean with household products. 
  • Mattress Covers – The mattress cover is the part your dog will rest on the most. This means it will become dirty quickly. Therefore you’ll be glad to know our covers are removable and easy to pop in the washing machine.  
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All of our bed frames are upholstered in specially tested materials. There are a number of industry strength, scratch and burst tests. These make sure that materials are suitable for their intended use. All of our materials have been tested thoroughly, coming in the top scoring bracket every time. This means they are able to withstand rigorous use without aging.

The same can be said for the Poco mattress covers that are both stylish and durable. Should your fury friend decide to through a tantrum, Poco’s thick, high quality mattress covers will put up a good fight.

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Each Poco dog bed is designed with a specific interior style in mind, complementing your unique interior scheme. The range of bright, muted and monotone colours, lets you pick what’s best for your home. Furthermore our removable mattress covers also mean you can refresh your style and give your bed frame a face lift. These allows you to change your colour schemes depending on the season, your home or your mood.

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