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Poco dog mattresses were made working with Elite Bedding. Building on their 67 years of experience in mattress manufacturing Poco have built 2 dog mattresses.

Three Layers

3 Layers

Each Poco mattress has a sprung base, temperature regulating centre and comfortable top layer.
Two Models

2 Models

One firm cotton and one soft wool. 2 models so you can select which is best for your dog.

One Goal

1 Goal

Poco has one goal. To create comfortable beds. We want your dog to sleep well and feel great.

Orthopaedic Cotton 

The Poco Orthopaedic Cotton dog mattress is topped with three layers of Vegan Cotton. This creates a firmer feeling, perfect for older dogs. This comfort layer works by spreading your dog’s weight evenly across the mattress, helping to alleviate pain in old or sort joints.

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Plush Wool

The Poco Plush Wool dog mattress is topped with three layers of Vertifill Wool, built to create a springy, cushioned feeling. This allows your dog to sink into the comfortable top layer, creating a weightless feeling to help them drift off comfortably.

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Cleaning The Dog Mattress

All Poco products are easy to clean. The mattresses are just like our own. The multiple layers and luxurious materials don’t like being spun in the machine. Therefore, the mattresses cannot be machine washed. However, we have made them fully sealed in waterproof materials, making them easy to wipe clean with household products.

We recommend that our mattress pads be used with one of our removable covers. These are beautiful, and machine washable, adding another layer of protection to your the dog mattress.

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