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Packaging needs to do two things: 1 – protect the items inside. 2 – reflect the company values and style. 

As many of you know, we have been manufacturing human beds for nearly 70 years. The large spring units needed for human beds come wound up and protected by extra thick and durable brown paper. This comes in large roll sheets 3 x 5 meters in size. This paper is built to withstand springs putting extreme forces on it, designed to be durable and difficult to tear in any way.

When setting up Poco, we explored many different packaging ideas, even doing test shipments to family and friends across the county. We founds alternative papers to be too thin and flimsy, and boxes extremely wasteful given the large size of our beds. The spring paper was the perfect solution. It does the job of protecting the beds, can be cut down to the right size, and is reusing materials.

Recycled brown paper packaging with our Poco Paw Print tape means our packaging is largely sustainable and easy to recycle at home. Unfortunately the British weather causes us to take extra precautions and place the beds in a plastic sheeting too! We would have for the beds to arrive soggy! This is the next step we plan to take, testing if we could in fact go without the plastic sheet.

Let us know your thoughts. Would you be happy to receive your bed in brown paper packaging? Do you think we are doing enough to reduce packaging waste? Tag us @Pocodogbeds on any platform to start a chat today.

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