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Recycle Week 2021 – What is Poco Doing to Help?


Recycling is sometimes easier said than done. This recycling week, we want to introduce our accessories packaging. It’s important that you know why we use our packaging and most importantly, how you can recycle it responsibly.

Here is a run down of the three packaging material used.

HiveWrap Protection

Our main priority is getting items to you in on piece. That’s why we use a light, protective material, around each product. Rather than use traditional plastic bubble wrap we use Hivewrap. This is a paper alternative that is recyclable and biodegradable. To learn more about HiveWrap click here.



All of our products come with the required invoice information and a small thank you note from the team. All printed on paper, these notes are easy to pop un your household paper recycling bin. If you would like a paperless delivery, please let us know in the comments box at checkout and we can organise a digital receipt to be sent to you.


Poly Mailer

We are a Scottish business. Unfortunately, the stereotype of it raining is true. Therefore, each of our accessories are shipped in a Poly Mailer to ensure your goods don’t arrive soaked through. To make the best of a bad situation, our Poly Mailers are recyclable. Ideally, we wouldn’t use plastics. If there is a waterproof alternative you know of, please get in touch! We would love to improve our packaging where possible.


What can you do this recycle week?

Recyclenow.com is leading the way this recycle week. They have a great range of videos, tutorials, and guides about recycling in your local area. This recycle week, why not take two minutes to use their postcode search box. Simply pop in your code and learn about recycling in your area. This will help you feel confident in your recycling, while helping companies like us know that our efforts in environmentalism aren’t going to waste. (literally)



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