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Size Guide

Size Guide

Mattress Size Guide

Measuring your pet can be a great way to make sure their bed is the perfect size for them. Just like their owners, pets have their own sleeping habits and positions. This is why we created our handy size guide. Whether they curl up like a donut, stretch out like superman or love to show everyone their tummy, we want our dogs to have a good nights sleep. Follow the guide below to measure and help you select the best size of bed for your dog today.

The Back Napper

The Back Napper

The donut

The Donut

The side sleeper

The Side Sleeper

The Superman

The Superman

Our Top Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress

  • Measure your pet – We recommend waiting for your dog to have a nap, or fall asleep in the position they normally take. Then, measure them from top to tail being careful not to waken them (let sleeping dogs lie). Once you have your measurement, check the size of your preferred bed to find the best fit for you.
  • Consider stretching – If your dog likes to toss and turn, we recommend buying a size larger than you measure to allow them space to wriggle. You don’t want a king-sized dog sleeping in a single bed.
  • Is your dog going to grow? – If your dog is a puppy, do some research into how big they will become. We would hate for you to be disappointed if you buy a bed that your dog soon outgrows. Therefore, we have made a handy size guide for common breeds below. 

Recommended Breed / Size Chart

Small Bed

Yorkshire Terrier

Medium Bed

French Bull Dog
Staffordshire Terrier

Large Bed

Golden Retriever

As with everything, if you are not quite sure what is right for you, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Dog looking into camera


All Poco collars are adjustable, giving you wriggle room for growth. Its important to find the balance between having a secure collar your pet won’t slip out of, and not giving them unsightly neck rolls with a necklace that’s too tight and uncomfortable. Check our our quick tips and handy size guide to make sure you get the right collar. 


How to Measure your Dogs Collar Size

  • Method 1 – If you have a soft measuring tape simply wrap this around your dogs neck as tight as you would their collar. Ensure you can fit two fingers underneath the collar comfortably. Once you are happy with the fit, unroll the tape to see the perfect size for your dog. Then, select a collar that adjusts to this size.
  • Method 2 – If you don’t have a measuring tape that will wrap around, don’t stress. You can use any material you have lying around the house such as their current collar, a piece of string or the waist band from your dressing gown. Simply wrap this around their neck, ensuring you can fit two fingers under the band comfortably. Pinch the band where it fits securely and unwind. You can then measure the length on a normal ruler.
  • Consider Growth – If your dog is a puppy, their neck will most likely grow considerably. To make sure your collar lasts as long as possible, consider their growth. For example if your dog’s neck is 15cm, they could fit a small collar, however this would be set as wide as it could go. We would therefore recommend getting a medium collar which would fit now and in the months to come.

Sizes Guide

Colar SizeLength in cm
Small25 -35 cm
Medium35 – 45 cm
Large45 – 55 cm
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