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What is your dog mattress made from?

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We are very proud of our unique dog mattress built from layers of natural fibres and recycled plastic.

Petlok Core. At the bottom of our mattress is a bouncy base made from Petlok. This is a unique material made from recycled plastic, woven to make a spring like feeling without dangerous metals.

Coir Support Layer. In the middle of our mattress is Cocolok Coir made from coconut husks. Known for its excellent thermal properties, this material will keep your pet warm in the winter and cool in summer, all while making use of a wasted resource.

Cotton or Wool Comfort Layer – you decide.

Cotton is used to finish our orthopaedic, firm mattress. This helps to relieve the pain in old, aching joints by spreading weight evenly across the whole mattress.

Our wool topper offers a softer finish with more bounce, giving a weightless feeling helping to let your pet drift off to sleep easily.

These unique combination of materials creates a durable, sustainable, and comfortable mattress so good you may want one for yourself. If you would like to learn more about these materials, please see our mattress information page.



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