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Why buy a Poco Bed?

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We combine refined materials, design and construction to provide superb quality products. This is rooted in our motto, “Made Better.”

Construction – We use the same materials and manufacturing methods to make our pet beds as you would expect for human products. Strong, sturdy wooden bases and personal attention to detail are combined to ensure your bed is Made Better than anything else you would find on the high street.

Comfort – Many pet mattresses are made from simple foam or cushion stuffing, meaning they bunch, flatten and lose their bouncy quickly. Our specialist mattresses are made to last longer and perform better. By combining unique materials, we have created a comfortable and durable mattress to help your pet drift off.

Durability – Pets can dig, scratch and rip open toys, cushions and beds easily. We have taken steps to prevent this, by selecting materials with high Martindale Scores. This means they have been specially designed for heavy use, and are extremely difficult to scratch, tear or tip. From the inside frame to the outside fabrics, our beds are Made Better than other. They are designed to last.

Style – When designing our pet beds we realised that most pet beds look the same, a drab, soft cushion that sits in the corner of your living room building up dust and dog hair. Each of our beds is designed with a different lifestyle and interior scheme in mind. Your dog needs a place to rest, so why not buy a bed that suits your home and reflects your style.

Focusing on longevity all of our products are made by hand from start to finish. Our materials are all carefully selected not only for their appearance, but also for their performance, with scratch resistance, cleanliness and durability at the forefront of our choices. For more information about our materials and building process please take a look at our Design section detailing information about the design of our beds, mattresses and materials.


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