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Why are orthopaedic dog beds on the rise? The benefits to your dog’s health and happiness.


It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of dog bed options available. Anti Anxiety, donut, raise, calming and orthopaedic are all terms frequently seen online and in stores. We are breaking down these terms, focusing today on what orthopaedic mattresses are, what purpose they serve and most importantly, how they can benefit your dog’s health and happiness.


What does orthopaedic mean?

The term orthopaedic comes from the orthopaedic branch of medicine. This topic of medicine explores the bones, muscles and tendons of the body, meaning if you have a sore back or broken bone, you would be referred to orthopaedics. Therefore, mattresses developed specifically to support the body and relieve painful and tired joints are often called orthopaedic mattresses.


How do orthopaedic mattresses work?

Orthopaedic mattresses work by spreading your weight evenly across the whole mattress. Traditionally soft mattresses allow your hips, knees, or elbows to squash down small sections of your mattress. This then causes these joints to sink low into the mattress, bearing a great amount of body weight. Orthopaedic mattresses work by giving a firmer finish, preventing joints from sticking into the mattress and baring a great load of weight. By having firmer surface, body weight is evenly spread across the top surface, giving sore joints some time to relax and repair without the heavy load.

How do you know if a bed is orthopaedic?

The combination of springs and materials used are what make a mattress soft or firm. Unfortunately, there are no regulations stopping companies from advertising anything they want as orthopaedic, even when there may be no health benefits to what is being sold.

If you are worried about not buying a truly orthopaedic mattress, you are best to compare the models a company offers. A general rule of thumb is the firmer a mattress, the greater the orthopaedic benefits. Most websites outline the materials they use and the comfort levels of their mattresses, so have a quick look at their product descriptions to better understand the potential benefits to your dog’s comfort.


Is an orthopaedic mattress right for my pet?

Whether your dog is a puppy that is full of beans or a wee old lady with a bad hip, an orthopaedic mattress will give them a comfortable bed to see them through the night. As the only difference in many orthopaedic mattresses is the firmness, they are perfectly comfortable for any age or physical ability.

Ultimately you know your dog best. If they tend to choose a soft, plush cushion to snuggle up, maybe they would prefer a more sprung, soft mattresses. But if they are happy on a thinner cushion, your mattress or sofa, then an orthopaedic mattress would be the way to go, providing the firmer feeling they prefer.



An orthopaedic mattress is safe and comfortable for any pet to use, supporting joints and spine alignment as they sleep. To buy with confidence, compare models to review materials and firmness advertised by companies. Learn more about Poco’s orthopaedic and regular mattresses further by visiting the mattress information page.



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